For Celebrating"National Day",Love doll will issue new model dolls and new bodys (27cmbb).

Love dolls always thanks for your support and deep love.So doll-love group will specially offers following favourable activity
Favourable activity A:
Method 1: Order 1/3 free items  as: glass eyes:1pair.make-up:1set.wig:1set(Optional)
Clothes:1set (Can choose other pattern but the same size)
Method 2: Order 1/4 love. supply free items as: glass eyes:1pair.make-up:1set.wigs:1set(Optional)
New hand-model:1set.Clothes:40% discount off.(Can choose other pattern but the same size)
Method 3: Order 1/6 love. supply free items: glass eyes:1pair.make-up:1set.wigs:1set(Optional)
New hand-model:1set.(Optional)Clothes:40% discount off.(Can choose other pattern but the same size)
Favourable activity B: Doll 10% discount off.(Just for doll sets owner)
Activity Date: From 1/Oct to 15/Nov
Doll love company reserves the right of final interpretation.



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About US:

Doll-Love dolls is one brand of BJD(Ball Jointed Doll) which are produced in Hong Kong Aier Industrial Co., Ltd.the overall material of dolls are made by senior resin, Spherical joints can be showed a variety of movements and posture. hair, eyes, clothing, shoes and her makeup can be replaced with personal preferences. Can creat favorite shapes by your personality request.
Doll-Love Dollfies wishes: would like to make the world more love!if you want to get more informaiton,please click here:




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